Non-Surgical Facelift

Medical Threads, the gentle alternative to a surgical facelift.

Thanks to the latest medical thread technologies, there is now a much gentler alternative to the surgical lift, the so-called thread lift.

With the thread lift, self-dissolving threads are pulled into the slack connective tissue with very thin guide catheters or needles that are gentle on the tissue. The punctures themselves are no longer visible the next day. By implanting a thread net, the tightening effect is visible after about ten days.

The threads dissolve generally after 10-12 months later, this is exactly the period of time that the body needs to form its own robust coils of connective tissue around the implanted threads. This firm, connective tissue structure then produces a lifting effect for the many years. The thread lift is performed under local anesthesia and takes about an hour. The effect of the mid-face lift lasts for up to five years.

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