Unique active ingredients make your skin shine!

A refreshed, youthful complexion is no longer a dream. And above all, it does not require any risky interventions. Mesotherapy is an optimal solution to achieve perfect anti-aging results that are affordable.

Meso cocktails results for your skin:

  • tight and smooth
  • optimally hydrated
  • protected from free radicals
  • protected from severe environmental influences
  • free of large pores

The meso cocktails are introduced by means of a roller to exactly where they have their greatest effect, directly under the surface of the skin. The hair-thin needles open thousands of evenly distributed microchannels through which the active ingredients reach their destination precisely.
At the same time, blood circulation and collagen production in the skin are stimulated. The treatment is gentle, nearly painless, and can be used on all skin types. Skin may be red after the treatment and this usually subsides after a day.

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