Fast, efficient and painless hair removal.

Primelase® uses modern laser technology to remove hair quickly and efficiently from all skin types. The use of 3 different wavelengths reaches all hair. Clinical studies show immediate effectiveness even on blonde hair and fine residual hair from previous treatments.

Many people do not want to shave every day. Previous methods such as waxing, plucking and shaving are sometimes painful and have to be used regularly. For a long time, IPL treatments or needle epilation were the only solution for long-lasting hair removal. But even these methods are time-consuming and not suitable for larger areas. The newly developed Primelase® diode laser solves these problems by using the most modern technology. Unwanted hair can be permanently removed from all parts of the body, regardless of the skin and hair type.

The laser beam is a bundled, high-energy light beam used exclusively for the sclerotherapy of the hair roots. The hair follicles are specifically coagulated by short light impulses in such a way that no more hair grows back in these areas. Hair follicles are subject to different phases of growth and rest. Since one can only obliterate follicles with the laser during the growth phase, several treatments (3–5 depending on the body region) with the laser are necessary.

Treatments are fast! Only 15 minutes, depending on the skin area, and are usually only perceived as a slightly uncomfortable. Slight reddening may appear after laser treatment but will disappear after a few hours. In general, treatments with the Primelase® diode laser are not invasive.

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Pre-treatment Notes:
Sunbathing or visits to the solarium should be avoided 3–4 weeks before the start of a treatment.
Refrain from sunbathing and solarium during the treatment period.
Please completely shave the relevant areas on the day of treatment.

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